Hire a wrecker

download (4)If you won a vehicle it’s a guarantee that you’ll at least experience the frustration of a breakdown. Your vehicle can really be an inconvenience especially when it gets damaged when least expected. Consider this, you’re on your way to a very important business meeting and then you get involved in a traffic accident.

In most cases, emergency services will dispatch the wrecker to the accident scene making things much easier. However, your engine may develop problems or find yourself in a slide-off or a breakdown in a place where there are no emergency services and the police. What happens? It can be a less stressful experience when you hire a reputable, professional wrecker service. Before contacting a wrecker service, consider the following guidelines:

Do a research on the reputation of the tow company.

Reputation is very important when selecting any service. You may contact your friends or family and see if they can recommend a reputable towing provider. Ask for details on pricing and if they accept credit cards.

Don’t give in to a tow truck that shows up from no where

Unless the tow company has been dispatched by emergency services, don’t just accept and trust a truck that shows up from nowhere. It doesn’t matter whether they offer the cheapest services, simply stay away. A reputable towing company will have its identification number and license numbers displayed on their truck.

Take a Picture of your car and sign the paperwork wisely

You can use your phone to snap some pictures of your car’s condition before the tow provider arrives. This will help you in case of any unexplained damages to your car upon reaching the destination. Read through the paperwork and sign right below or nearby the agreed payment. You don’t want to pay for additional charges without your knowledge.

Ask for a receipt after payment

No one is ready to pay for unnecessary charges. Ask for a copy of the receipt after the work is completed. You also don’t want to forget a copy of the invoice. This will help you pay for authorized charges only.

A professional wrecker service can help if your find yourself in any of the following situations:


Maybe you’re driving on the highway and your car slips into a ditch. Call a professional wrecker service for winch-out services and your car will be back on the road.

Safe Towing

You’ve just had a traffic accident. Well, as your friends or family offer you a ride home, a professional wrecker can transport your vehicle safely without further damage.

Collisions and flat tires

A vehicle can receive critical damage during collisions and it’s only a professional wrecker who can help in determining if it can be safely moved. Furthermore, a wrecker will help deliver your car safely to your preferred auto shop or a reliable one for inspection. Professional wreckers can help replace or patch your flat tire and get you back on the road.

Jump starting and minor repairs

Most professional wreckers have some understanding on how to do minor repairs such as refueling, changing tires, and unlocking cars. This means you won’t have to worry about towing your vehicle to an auto shop for such minor repairs. A professional wrecker does more than just hauling your vehicle. He can as well provide jumper cable and jumping services in the event that your car battery fails.

Emergency services

No one knows when their car will break down. The good thing is that you can hire a professional wrecker any time. Most of them offer twenty-four emergency services.

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